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Executive Team


Dawn Lang

President / CEO

Dawn Lang is the President and Executive Director/ Founder of Long Island Lending a Helping Hand. She lives right here in Rocky Point. Before forming the official 501c3, she ran her own version of the establishment out of her home. As our organization grew more and more we saw the kindness spreading and the want to join in on the hard work, dedication and love that we were spread together. Eventually LILAHH went from a solo project run out of a residence to a whole team of people spreading love and kindness. Dawn a mom of 4 beautiful children and adored by her fiancé Johnny.

Thanks to the help of volunteers, who dedicate their personal time and skills to help others, and the community, who never fail to amaze us with their generosity, LILAHH is still going strong and growing everyday. Be sure to check out Dawn's daily live update of what is new at the Community Center!

"In 2014, I realized that there was a real need in my local community. Not everyone is eligible for public assistance but is still "in need", not everyone can make "ends meet" each month. That’s why I created the Long Island Lending a Helping Hand Facebook Page, a place where people that have something to give can post and if someone is in need they can reach out. By organizing community efforts we provided free yard sales, coat drives, blessing bags for the homeless, meals, school supplies, clothing,Thanksgiving Meal boxes, Christmas presents, Easter Baskets birthday closet and emergency support to hundreds of local residents." - Dawn


Donna McCauley

Vice President / COO

Donna McCauley is am the Vice President and COO for Long Island Lending a Helping Hand. She lives in Shoreham with her husband Michael and her daughter, Kelly. She has been a long time Community Volunteer at her church as well as Girl Scouts. In 1997, she became disabled by a genetic skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa. She feels that her life experiences as a person with a disability has prepared her to be an advocate for others. If you were to stop in and see her at our Community Center you would see her stocking our food pantry shelves, assisting clients in need or drowning in paperwork!


"Come on down to Lend a Helping Hand or let us help you!"- Donna

Board of Directors


Kelly McCauley

Kelly McCauley is the Secretary for Long Island Lending a Helping Hand. She lives in Shoreham with her parents and two Australian Shepherd siblings! She is a recent graduate of Dominican College and is currently completing her Masters in Social Work at SUNY Stonybrook. In her free time, of which she has none, She enjoys volunteering her time with Girl Scouts and her church. However, her true passion is advocating for and assisting others in need. Kelly works full time at IGHL as a Developmental Specialist.


"I look forward to providing our clients with all the resources and services available to them. I am pretty hard to find these days, but I am known to appear at the center looking quite frazzled…come visit!"- Kelly


Lori Rosenzweig
Second Hand Treasuries Director

Lori Rosenzweig is the Second Hand Treasures Director. She is a mother of 5 children : 2 boys,  1 girl and 2 fur babies. She was raised on Long Island and is now settled in her home in Miller Place. When she was younger she spent her time educating young children as a beloved kindergarten teacher. She has since retired and has decided to go into business for herself. Lori now runs her own business making all kinds of custom hand-made items. She absolutely loves to help others and be involved in the local community. When you come to the community center you can find Lori making the Second Hand Treasures portion of our building look absolutely fabulous. 

"I've always been a creative person so why not put my talents to use and make a difference in my community with Long Island Lending a Helping Hand." - Lori


Joanne Reice
Community Program Director

Joanne Reice is married to James Reice. They are blessed to have five wonderful children and three grandchildren. Joanne has worked for Costco for the past 25 years and is also a community volunteer. She is a Girl Scout leader for her youngest daughter and also lead a troop for her granddaughter. Joanne is the Community Program Director for Long Island Lending a Helping Hand where she volunteers her time.


"I’m grateful that I can help people who are in need through our numerous outreach programs. If you need assistance or would like to volunteer to help our community come on down and meet us."- Joanne


Elizabeth Combs
Grants Administrator

Elizabeth is the grants administrator focused on locating funding sources to enable LILAHH to create an even greater impact. The primary goal of her work is to identify opportunities to bring in more programs and serve additional community members.  Please reach out if you are aware of available grants to help support our Center.


Elizabeth has had a career in education and edtech, and volunteered for many years as a girl scout leader, She lives in Mt. Sinai with her husband and is mother to two adult daughters.  


"I am honored to be a small part of such an amazing organization and work with LILAHH's dedicated and passionate Board members and volunteers."  


Eugene McGrath
IT Director

Eugene is a career technologist with a background in data management who has a passion for using technology to improve our communities. His primary mission is enabling our center to leverage new technologies, improve efficiencies and ultimately allow us to help even more families. 

Eugene is a proud alumni of the Pure Good Foundation and technology advisor to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and is a husband and father of four children.

"Having the opportunity to enable a grass roots organization like LILAHH achieve greatness will be one of the highest honors of my career."

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