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Our Mission

Long Island Lending a Helping Hand (LILAHH) is a homegrown nonprofit 501C3 charity that comes from the heart. Originally run out of the home of our president, Dawn Lang, we have grown from humble beginnings.


From organizing efforts with personal friends, to including local businesses and charities to expand our reach and impact on the community.


We here at LILAHH understand how hard it can be to overcome life's challenges. We are here to help. We guide clients to help them get back on track, and lend a helping hand whenever possible.


We are here to empower and encourage families and individuals by building a better community and life for all. We are so blessed to have our friends, family and community come together to support this cause.

A Message from
our President

In 2014 I noticed there was a real need in my community. Not everyone in need is eligible for public assistance. Despite having a job or two so many struggle to make ends meet each month. Struggling to provide basic necessities, families had to make the tough decision, "pay the bills or purchase food or diapers." Many do not have family or friends to lean on. I wanted to create a platform where people who have something to offer can post it and people who have a need can reach out, so, I created the Facebook group, Long Island Lending a Helping Hand. The Facebook page allowed me to acquire volunteers and eventually Board members as we grew to become a 501C3.

~Dawn Lang, President

Our Mission In Action!

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