Lend a Helping Hand

Who are the people who need help?

The people who need help are your friends, family, & neighbors. They are regular people who have fallen on hard times, can't make ends meet because they lost their jobs, living paycheck to paycheck, making minimum wage, sickness, no child support, etc. It could be for a week, a month or longer.

What can I do?

You can donate money, non perishable food or perishable food (in person), household items (baby items- diapers and formula always in need, paper goods, toiletry, furniture, etc.) or your time to volunteer (students can get community service credits). 

Ways to show support:

Please use this link to shop on Amazon and a percent of your purchase will go to the group! If you are unable to use the link just go to Amazonsmile.org and search for our group.



Ava, with Daisy Girl Scout Troop #3142, earning her daisy badge and community service hours volunteering with food donations.

December Wishes

Please a day of the month and then send LILAHH a monetary wish in the amount of the date picked! Example (December 1 = $1, December 15 = $15)

The attached calendar will be updated to reflect those who sent us wishes!


To show our gratitude we will enter all participants into a drawing for a $100 gift card of your choice! This is an excellent holiday gift!

december wishes (1).png

Thank you so much!!

Our community center relies on generous donations in order to continue to flourish. Please support our on-going fundraisers and spread the word on your Facebook and Instagram pages.